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Will you make a fruit item pack?

Hello, I actually have a fruit pack for free: LINK

The pack may get renamed to Botany or Food soon as I am working on some stuff :D

Oh  I see. I was assuming the mega item pack to have all your items.

When the update is ready to be released I'll add it to here too


Would you consider making a collection of critters/monsters?


Does your request include animations or are they only sprites? If you want animated sprites look at my free enemy pack! Sprite wise I could try something since is less work than animating. If anything you can grab one frame from the animated enemies.


Animated would obviously be totally awesome but I realize that takes a lot more time. I was really just thinking about static sprites.


I recently released the second addition to the enemy galore pack. There are about 7 animated enemies downloadable for free between both packs.

You can find them here

Regarding enemy sprites if I do them they would relate to the miscellaneous pack since upon defeat I think it would a be good idea for them to drop an item from that pack. There is a long list of enemies to be done ;3

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A very impressive collection. But...

It's very disappointing that I use Linux and I can't unpack your .zip-files. Your .rar-files are also errornous but not unpackable. If I rename your .zip files to .rar, they act as the other .rars. This ain't it, chief.

I would suggest that you pack your stuff with 7-Zip ( if you don't already. And maybe that you stick to either .rar or .zip.

Also, maybe provide a complete archive with all the included packs.

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I am glad you like the pack!

Thank you so much for your input. I did not know this would be a problem in Linux, I did change the .rar to .zip thinking it was the same, I learned something new today. This being said, I have downloaded 7zip and packed all of the packs into .zip files. I hope that this solves your issue. If not please reach me at so I can further assist you.

For your last point, I wanted to keep them separate so when updates come to the packs one only has to download the updated pack instead of all of them again.

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Thank you. It all works perfectly now. Much appreciated.

The lack of a complete archive makes a lot of sense, no problem.

All the best.


Woah. This. is. HUGE. This looks very cool. Too bad I can't afford it or I would support you for your hard work. I hope more people find this project!

Thank you! It's the thought  that matters and I hopefully it gets noticed.