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The sprites are 32x32

There is a total of 20 sprites in the free pack

There is a total of 581 sprites in the paid pack

This pack is included in the mega pack!

  • Sand, glass, empty bottle
  • Health/Mana Essence I, II and III
  • Health/Mana Potion I, II and III
  • Enhanced Health/Mana Potion I, 2 EXP potions, 1 occult potion

  • 19 empty bottles
  • 1 soul essence, 19 trapped souls
  • 24 Potion essences, 19 potions per essence
  • 1 Experience Essence, 19 experience potions
  • 10 Symbol potions (2 Empty, 2 Heart, 2 Diamond, 2 Spades/Club)
  • 10 Stained glass potions (blue, red, yellow, green, purple, 2 Enhanced Potion I (Health & Mana),
  • 18 Unique Potions (Druid, Angelic, Occult, Rainbow, Serpent, Leafy, Obtuse, Antidote, Lethal, Clairvoyant, Mystery, Protection, Sharp, Mighty, Cursed, Midnight, Vigorous, All Cure)

You CAN modify these items to your needs

You CAN use these items in personal and commercial projects

You  CANNOT modify and sell these assets

You are NOT allowed to turn any of my assets to an NFT

Paid assets are only to be used after purchasing the pack

Credit not necessary but appreciated, if you do you can link to my ITCH profile

Click the image to see my asset collections.

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Animations Collection  FX Collection  Enemies Collection


Get this asset pack and 47 more for $60.00 CAD
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Thanks so much for this! I needed some potions as a pickup for a simple runner game. You can check it out here if you'd like https://jerwzy.itch.io/wizard-runner

All the best and thanks again!

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Congratulations on the release! I am glad that my assets could help your project come to life!



I am glad you like the asset!


Awesome Pack, fits my game so well!

That is wonderful to hear, I am so happy it does! If you want you can share me some pictures of your game!

This is the game that I'm working on, it is a prototype for now.
The potions will be used as pick-ups to give more health, mana or to poison the player. :)

Please check the twitter for updates on the progress https://twitter.com/TraitPlatformer


Really well made asset packs you created, this one is awesome done. Fits in what i am creating :)


I am happy to hear this! After I finish another pack's update I am going to make more potions! Keep an eye out!!


I make sure, that my eye's won't miss your updates ;


Lots of great stuff.  I think these are going to look great in Once Hallowed.

I definately would love to play your game!