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Thanks so much for this! I needed some potions as a pickup for a simple runner game. You can check it out here if you'd like

All the best and thanks again!

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Congratulations on the release! I am glad that my assets could help your project come to life!



I am glad you like the asset!


Awesome Pack, fits my game so well!

That is wonderful to hear, I am so happy it does! If you want you can share me some pictures of your game!

This is the game that I'm working on, it is a prototype for now.
The potions will be used as pick-ups to give more health, mana or to poison the player. :)

Please check the twitter for updates on the progress


Really well made asset packs you created, this one is awesome done. Fits in what i am creating :)


I am happy to hear this! After I finish another pack's update I am going to make more potions! Keep an eye out!!


I make sure, that my eye's won't miss your updates ;


Lots of great stuff.  I think these are going to look great in Once Hallowed.

I definately would love to play your game!