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The sprites are 32x32

There is a total of 1150+ isometric tiles in this pack

Due to this pack being inspired by Minecraft I decided not to accept any payments. If you want to support me or want me to continue updating this pack you can by checking out my Patreon, it really helps me.


  • 1150+ Black outline sprites
  • 1150+ No outline sprites

Here is a small example on how to use this pack:

You CAN modify these items to your needs

You CAN use these items in personal and commercial projects

You  CANNOT modify and sell these assets

You are NOT allowed to turn any of my assets to an NFT

Paid assets are only to be used after purchasing the pack

Credit not necessary but appreciated, if you do you can link to my ITCH profile

Click the image to see my asset collections.

Items Collection  UI Collection  Nature Collection

Animations Collection  FX Collection  Enemies Collection

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tagsblocks, build, Fantasy, free, Icons, Isometric, items, Pixel Art, Retro, Sprites


BlockyLife - Instructions.gif 172 kB
BlockyLife - ContestTemplate.png 4 kB
BlockyLife - Version 3.zip 991 kB

Development log


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Hey, this is an awesome pack, do you think you could maybe do the cave update blocks? I think it would be an outstanding expansion to your pack :)

Hello, thank you for the feedback. At the moment, I am not planning any updates to the pack. Maybe once I finish current projects.

oh okay no problem :)

Hey there, the blocks y downloaded is blurred

i changed the config in unity to the point filter so i dont know why it happens


this happens when you import images into unity. There are a good deal of settings you can play with to get the settings correct for what you need, the filter to point as you mentioned so there is no smoothing helps a lot. It’s not something the artist can help with, but you can set the texture import settings to how you like it so that everything else you import will be set that way for you. 

Hey, I am not to sure why this would occur on unity. I know that there's stuff that has to be modified (like you mentioned the filter thing) aside from that I have no clue.

I really like the isometric Minecraft project! Hope you get successful.

Thank you so much for your kind words!! More thingies will come soon when I get some time :)

hi there, i really enjoy your work! there is one problem with the blocks tho...

as you can see the topright side blends perfectly and appears flat. just wondering if you have any ideas on how to fix this? :D



Thank you for using my packs. I actually have an idea on how to prevent this from happening. You can use the black outline blocks and changing the colors to a darker version. For the grass block, you can color the top a darker shade of green and the bottom a darker shade of brown.

I am interested in adding a new update since this also occured to me while playing around with the tileset. For now, you will have to do the color switches manually until I manage to squeeze some time to update the packs.

My apologies,


yeah its tough, i tried using the black outlined ones, but its difficult since im procedurally generating the level and needing to dynamically change the color. definitely gets you thinking how to make it work

Hello, I have updated the pack, added a darker color outline. Let me know if this fixes your issue.

What program do you use in the example above? Is it a special program?
You should Update this pack for 1.17.
Another idea, Isometric Creatures?

I use aseprite to make the mini worlds by moving the block sprites in the X and Y coordinates as shown in the instructions clip. I will continue to work on this pack if time permits.

Lastly, I dont have any plans on making isometric creatures for niw atleast.

Thank you!


this is like 2.5D 8x8 minecraft. i love it.

(1 edit) (+1)

I am glad you like it!! Make sure to show your builds so I can see your amazing stuff!

(2 edits) (+1)

hi, im making a small program to build using this blocks

That sounds wonderful! Credit is not necessary but greatly appreciated! I would love to see the worlds that get created!





Amazing ❤❤❤

Thank you!! :)


Wow! This is epic!

Thank you! I look forward to seeing the beautiful worlds you can make!


These are really nice! Are you thinking into adding some of the redstone components such as a floor lever, pistons, repeaters, torchs, dust, etc?

(2 edits)

Thank you and of course! I will keep adding more stuff as time goes but I have to finish some other projects first.

Eventually, I hope to release up to the 1.17 blocks then start making my own blocks in the future!


Looking great!

Thank you!


Wow, this is really cool!


Thank you! I would love to see what people build with these!