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Small Rat

Animations: Idle (4), Run (6), Attack (8), Ability (10), Hit (4), Death (6)


Animations: Idle (4), Attack (7), Hit (5), Death (11)

Spiked Slime

Animations: Idle (4), Run (9), Jump (12), Ability (4), Hit (9), Death (6)


Animations: Idle (4), Run (6), Attack A (9), Attack B (6), Attack C (11), Ability (10), Hit (3), Death (5)


Animations: Idle (4), Run (5), Hit (5), Death (13)


Animations: Idle A *without rocks* (4), Idle B *with rocks* (4), Run (4), Attack A (12), Attack B (8), Attack C (6), Upgrade (11), Hit A *without rocks* (5), Hit B *with rocks* (5), Death A *without rocks*(9), Death B *with rocks*(9)

Armored Golem

Animations: Idle (4), Run (4), Attack A (11), Attack B (8), Attack C (10), Ability (15), Hit (5), Armor Break (5), Reset (7)


Animations: Idle (4), Fly (8), Hit (4), Death (10)

Canines x4

Animations: Idle (4), Run (6),  Attack (7), Hit (4), Death (8)

  • The pack consists of two directional animations (Platformer/Sidescroller)
  • Number of enemies: 12
  • List of animations:  72
  • Frames 479
  • Sprite Dimensions:  32x32px but with effects it becomes 64x64
  • If you want to have a say on what enemy you want next go check out my Patreon where you will be able to vote for future enemies.
  • Effects are provided in a separate file

  • You can use this asset in any game project, personal or commercial
  • DO NOT resell or redistribute AS A GAME ASSET, it has to be part of a project
  • Credit not necessary but appreciated, if you do you can link to my ITCH profile
  • Modify to suit your needs
  • You are NOT allowed to turn any of my assets to an NFT.

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Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
Tags2D, animated, enemy, Fantasy, Monsters, Pixel Art, Retro, Side Scroller, Sprites


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Wow! Thanks for these!

I am glad you like the art!


this is wonderful!

Thank you!


These are GREAT! You've done an amazing job, I will definitely be using this pack for a roguelite game i'm currently working on. Thank you!


Thank you! I am glad you like them! Feel free to show us a glimpse of your game whenever possible!


Thank you!

You are welcome!!


They are excellent thank you so much for sharing them for free!

Im glad you like them!


Brilliant asset pack, I'll be using all of these creatures. I would love to see more golems, perhaps some elemental like ones in the future!

I have been working on some stuff, just doing the final touches :)


Amazing creatures used it to make RedForest!

Congratulations on your release! I am so happy that the creatures had been good use to you! Keep up the good work!!


These are great basic mobs!

Thank you!! I hope they help you with your projects!


these are really good do you mind if i use it in my free android game of course you will be credited


Ofcourse you can use them! I am delighted that these assets are useful to you! I hope your project does amazing.


They're pretty great!

Thank you!