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The sprites are 32x32

There is a total of 90+ sprites in the free pack

There is a total of 1725+ sprites extra in the paid pack

This pack is included in the mega pack!

  • 13 swords, 20 shields, 13 spears,  1 scythe, 14 staves, 13 bows
  • 1 crossbow, 1 trident, 1 battleaxe, 1 two-handed sword
  • 1 hammer 1 whip, 1 knife, 1 axe, 2 hand gun, 2 rifles
  • Copper armor set, Iron armor set, Nova helmet

Weapon Set: Includes knife, 1 swords, 1 two-handed sword, 2 spears, 1 trident, 2 staves, 1 axe, 1 battleaxe, 1 hammer, 1 whip, 1 handgun, 1 rifle, 1 bow, 1 crossbow, 4 shields and an extra 20 swords (except in wooden set)

  • Wooden, Copper, Iron, Silver, Steel, Gold, Platinum, Cobalt, Adamantine, Crimson, Angelic, Fateful,  Altair

Armor Set: Includes 17 helmets, 17 chestplates, 17 leggings, 17 boots, 33 gauntlets/gloves, 1 metal rings (craftable item used to make chainmail)

  • Copper, Iron, Silver, Steel, Gold, Platinum, Cobalt, Adamantine, Crimson, Angelic, Fateful and Nova

The Altair set has been made . Implementation to the other armors will come in the next update. In total there are approximately 108 new sprites in the premium pack.

You CAN modify these items to your needs

You CAN use these items in personal and commercial projects

You  CANNOT modify and sell these assets

You are NOT allowed to turn any of my assets to an NFT

Paid assets are only to be used after purchasing the pack

Credit not necessary but appreciated, if you do you can link to my ITCH profile

Click the image to see my asset collections.

Items Collection  UI Collection  Nature Collection

Animations Collection  FX Collection  Enemies Collection


Get this asset pack and 115 more for $125.00 CAD
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are there any arrows or bolts for the bows/crossbows?


Hello! This pack doesn't include the bolts or arrows, those are included in the following packs;


Good evening Admurin, do you recognize some of these arts as yours? They are selling it as NFTs i just want to notify you just in case theyre yours.

Hey, thank you for letting me now, those sprites are not mine thank goodness. Thank you for giving us artists a heads up!

Found the real artist. Unfortunately he doesnt want to take action. Theyre selling them for 15$ apiece


Great stuff! So much variety and insane value for what you get. There are so many icons in the collection to fit any use case!

Thank you! This pack will keep increasing as time goes on!


Great stuff!

I am glad you like the sprites!


Pretty well done and so much content for an accessible price, loved it.

Thank you! I hope these sprites help you and your project!


I love it, this is what my game needed. Thank you!

Yay! I am glad these sprites helped your project! Good luck on your project!


I strongly advise buying the full set. The amount of variety you are getting is insane and they look great in the inventory. Great job man! 

Here is what it looks like in my game:

(They are scaled to fit the boxes in my inventory, but still looks great in my opinion.)

Thank you! I am so glad that you chose my sprites for your project! I look forward to expand this in the future!


Hello Admurin, i am currently developing a rogue like game and am in need of a wepoan / armor icon set like yours. I like the look and find it amazing. I am not against paying for your quality icons, yet i have quite limited budget myself. And i need some more stuff like monster pictures, etc. Would you be interested to become my development partner and share all what we can make of it 50:50? If not, could i get a development set to see how well i can fix the size to my needs and if it works with the currently set background colors / themes? Would be happy if you get in touch with me over eMail at james.reinhard.horst (at) Thanks & have a nice day, James


Hello, as of right now I will not be able to commit to projects such as these. I do occasional commisions but as of right now I am only doing sprites and updating my packs. Sorry for the delayed response.


i thought making an asset pack was easy. so i tried. no thanks i will download this

It is indeed tough, lots of hours went into this pack and sometimes I wanted to give up as well. But now I am glad that I did not. I am glad that this pack can help people and their projects! I look forward to working on updates for this pack! :)

How well do these icons work with games largely using RTP tilesets for the maps?

I would like to answer this question but I have 0 experience regarding this topic. You can download the free pack and test it! If it works then I am glad it did. If it does not then let me know what I can do to fix it.


Do you have any intention of making your own tileset?


Oh yes, this has been in my radar for a while now. I just wanted to know what kind of tileset was envisioned (topdown/sidescroller). I have a good understanding of sidescrollers so that is most likely the route I am going to start with but I do want to experiment with topdown assets :)


The amount of items here is insane.  It's a full time job just importing all of these!  Great work!

Im so glad that the pack meets your expectations. I plan to keep on updating my packs overtime!


This is insane value. So many great assets! Keep up the good work.

I am glad you think this way!! I enjoy making these aassetsso... expect even more updates!!


beautiful !

Thank you, your support encourages me to continue expanding these assets!!