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This type of character does not hold any tools in his hand, he is the base of all the classes. You can see the previews on the side bar.


Idle (4),Walk (8), Run (8), Jump (9), Crouch (4), Hit (7), Death A (7), Death B (7), Death C (10), Step-Back (6), Dodge (10), Slide (8)


FRONT: Intro (1), Climb (4), Slide (1), Exit (1)
SIDE: Intro (1), Climb (4), Slide (1),Exit Up (5), Exit Down (3), Ledge Hang (4), Wall Jump (3), Wall Slide (5)


Dive Kick (7), Kick Combo (12), Punch Combo (18)


1x Throw (5), 3x Throw (7), 5x Throw (9), End Throw (16), Normal Throw (3)

This type of character comes with all the wanderer animations holding the swords and shields from my Armory Pack.

  • 10 types of gladiators, from low level gladiators to mighty ones.
  • This also includes legendary variants, the crimson and timeless gladiators.
  • Wanderer animations holding different swords and shields.

GLADIATOR: Block (2), Blocked Hit (5), Block + Thrust (5), Sword Combo (13), Air Combo (9), Shield Rush (7), Charge (10)

This type of character comes will all the wanderer animations holding the bows from my Armory Pack.

  • 10 types of marksmen, from low level archers to grand master marksmen.
  • Legendary variants also included, the crimson and timeless marksmen.
  • Wanderer animations holding different bows.

MARKSMAN: Single shot (7), Air Shot (10), Floor Shot (9), Jump Shot (15), Quick Shot (4), Precision Shot (10)

This type of character comes will all the wanderer animations holding the staves from my Armory Pack.

  • 10 types of mages, from apprentices to legendary mages.
  • Legendary variants also included, the crimson and timeless mages.
  • Wanderer animations holding different staves and if desired shields as well.

MAGE: Ray (5), Stomp (7), Call the heavens (8), Touch floor (6), Combo floor (11)

This class works best with my FX animations!

  • Character Size: 42x29 px
  • Sprite Dimensions:  Most are 64x48px, death animations are 64x64px
  • Effects included
  • Projectiles NOT included
  • The pack consists of two directional animations
  • List of animations: 400+
  • Frames: A lot that I lost track
  • Aseprite File NOT included
  • PNG files provided to make your own variant

  • You can use this asset in any game project, personal or commercial
  • DO NOT resell or redistribute AS A GAME ASSET, it has to be part of a project
  • Credit is not required but it is appreciated
  • Modify to suit your needs
  • You are NOT allowed to turn any of my assets to an NFT.

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Animation Collection  FX Collection  Enemy Collection

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
Made withUnreal Engine, RPG Maker, GameMaker, Construct, Unity, Godot
Tags2D, animated, Characters, enemy, Fantasy, Medieval, Pixel Art, player, Sprites, spritesheet
Average sessionDays or more


Buy Now$10.00 CAD or more

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Legacy_Glad_Wand_1.4 5 MB
Legacy_Marks_Glad_Wand_1.5 8 MB
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Legacy_Mage_Marks_Glad_Wand_1.6 9 MB
if you pay $17 CAD or more

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DO the FX come intact with the animations?

(1 edit)

I bought it thinking I had all the classes, feeling cheated I would like a refund, I would like to make a new purchase with everyone :)

I am sorry you feel that way, the asset shows the files that are included at certain price points. Not much I can do in regards to this. I also notice you are a patron which already includes this asset!

So if you purchase this one sale right now you don't get 1.5 or 1.6?

(3 edits)

The sale should also apply to the other packs. So it should be a total of 11$ (sale applied) to get all the packs. You can reach out to me on Discord if you have any other questions.

Here is the link: https://discord.com/invite/jmf4pzv5Fj

I love this pack.

Are you currently taking commissions, and if so, what do they run

I'm glad you like this pack! There will be a revamp coming soon that is going to be even better.

I am open to commissions at the moment. Feel free to join my Discord to see what is coming next and you can also DM me there so we can discuss more about commissions.

I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out exactly which frames make up which animation in some of these spritesheets, especially the base one.   Any chance of getting some sort of breakdown?

I can help but I think it would benefit both if you join my discord where we can be in touch much faster. I can show you with images as well if you'd prefer. A revamp is coming to the pack in the future as well which will make the pack much better and more customizeable.

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/jmf4pzv5Fj


any thoughts on making making a female body type? 


I am in the process of revamping the packs and separating them into different packs since there will be a spear man class and a few others. I also want to allow multiple armor pieces to be worn so a female version will be much further down the line.


Great set of animations! I noticed one bug with it that I was wondering if you could fix? The Mage sets don't have a transparent background like the Marksman/Gladiator/Wanderer, but instead have a dark background.

i.e. /PixelCharacter_V1.6 (Costumes)/WandGladMarksMage 1.6/Sets/4Mage/Set_Colbalt/64x48_Costume_Mage_Cobalt_Base.png


Thank you for the feedback! I have gone through all the spritesheets and removed the dark background if there was any. If you find any more things that need change let me know!


Thank you for the amazingly fast fix for that! One other minor thing - how many attack animations should there be in the Mage attacks? I'm thinking 4, and Copper has 4, but the others have 3? Looks like two of the rows might be combined into one or something?

As an example, compare 64x48_Costume_Mage_Cobalt_Attacks.png with 64x48_Costume_Mage_Crimson_Attacks.png

Thanks again Admurin!

(1 edit) (+1)

You are correct, it was meant to be 4 rows instead of 3. I have updated the file once again :)
Feel free to join my discord where we can be in touch within seconds!


Thank you!

do you have a pack for the effects that different characters can use(specifically the mage)

(1 edit)

An Fx pack is in the works for all the animations! It might take a bit of time though. If you mean Mage attacks Fx then I have been playing around with some but not enough to put them in a pack. Some of the ones I have already made are accessible to patrons so far.


Love your work dude keep slaying it

Thank you! I intend to add more weapons to this pack ;). Marksman update is pending!


Great pack! Please excuse the noob question, but how many fps are the animations?

(2 edits)

Not a noob question at all! Believe it or not I just learned about millisecond to fps conversion :D. If I did my math correct the animations are set to be 10 FPS. I use the default value Aseprite has (100ms) if you want to do the conversion yourself. Thanks for the question and thanks for looking at my animations :)

(secret: [deleted])

10 fps looks good to me, thanks for the quick reply!

ps i won't tell anyone :P


Been playing around with these more, and they look really good!

Question though: Any plans to include the attack particle effects in the gladiator animations? i.e. https://twitter.com/admurin/status/1350926603853959173?s=20

(1 edit)

As of right now I have no plans of adding particle effects. This is because I am trying to finish the Marksman and Mage class first.

cool beans, looking forward to seeing the finished marksman and mage classes :)

So are the Mage and Marksman anims no longer WIP?

As of right now, no they are not, but I intend to go back to animating sometime this summer. I will continue to try to incorporate the weapons from the armory pack. That alone will take weeks to do since the sheer amount of sprites. I have not given up on this pack yet.

(2 edits) (+1)

Amazing!  I think the WIP update animations seriously look incredible, I can't wait to see more from it!  And yes, my gf and I are trying to make that Isometric game and each item -> 5(8) directions means very few items and animation types lol

-- purchased & Patreoned, I can't wait to see what you do next!


Amazing asset! It is very difficult to see such number of animations in pixel art. I will be waiting for sword attacks animations in Gladiator class. Some animations suggestions:

- Weapon attacks

- Shield block

- Horizontal ladder / rail (hung from it)

- Swimming


Thank you so much for your feedback! I will definitely add more animations to the asset!