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  • Animations: 1
  • Frames: 10
  • Loop: Yes

The smallest cloud that you can make at novice levels. This skill will deal damage to only one enemy.

  • Animations: 1
  • Frames: 14
  • Loop: Yes

Making progress, more clouds requires more skill. The 3 clouds can be used as a barrier that deals damage to enemies that come near you. Alternatively, this skill could increase stats such as defense. To use this animation you need to have 1 part of the animation playing behind the character and the other in front.

  • Animations: 1
  • Frames: 9
  • Loop: No

Not bad, you are now casting more packed clouds! This skill is semi-short range and is not meant to do much damage. You could push the enemies with this skill as well.

  • Animations: 1
  • Frames: 17
  • Loop: Yes

You have actually made a proper cloud that you can now control. You can make the cloud follow you, or you can choose to control it. This cloud also increases lightning damage, ice damage and water damage. You can actually put lightning behind the cloud.

If you are looking for Sound FX take a look below

Do not forget to check my other FX Packs! These are part of my FX collection that will keep on growing!

  • FX sprite sheets have the dimensions in the Name
    • EXAMPLE: "skillname_128x48"
  • The pack consists of two directional animations
  • List of animations: 6
  • Frames: 50
  • Animations may be loop-able
  • Aseprite file included
  • Character, Background, Skill Icon and enemy  are NOT included. Check the assets below if you are interested

  • Check the skill icons below!

  • You can use this asset in any game project, personal or commercial
  • DO NOT resell or redistribute AS A GAME ASSET, it has to be part of a project
  • Credit not necessary but appreciated, if you do you can link to my ITCH profile
  • Modify to suit your needs
  • You are NOT allowed to turn any of my assets to an NFT.

Click the image to see my asset collections.

Item Collection  UI Collection  Nature Collection

Animation Collection  FX Collection  Enemy Collection


Get this asset pack and 115 more for $125.00 CAD
View bundle
Buy Now
On Sale!
60% Off
$4.00 $1.60 CAD or more

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